Video shows Putin's face superimposed on exiled tycoon's body for anti-Kremlin film promo

Updated on 16/09/2022 at 09:56

Video shows French movie from 1901, not 'Queen Elizabeth II throwing food to poor children'

Updated on 15/09/2022 at 08:20

Memes share fake Queen Elizabeth II quote about Hillary Clinton

Published on 14/09/2022 at 18:02

Disney has not announced a Queen Elizabeth II movie

Updated on 14/09/2022 at 15:55

Posts spread false claims about Queen Elizabeth II's corgis

Published on 13/09/2022 at 22:12

Manipulated photo of Meghan Markle circulates online after queen's death

Published on 13/09/2022 at 20:04

Social media posts share false claim about 'NATO-supplied fighter jets arriving in Ukraine'

Published on 13/09/2022 at 09:41

Donald Trump post saying queen knighted him is fake

Published on 12/09/2022 at 19:50

Video of Irish dancers predates Queen Elizabeth II's death

Published on 09/09/2022 at 22:56

Satirical posts about Harry Styles 'kissing US senator Ted Cruz' mislead in Myanmar

Updated on 09/09/2022 at 06:28

Climate 'declaration' recirculates debunked claims

Updated on 09/09/2022 at 15:43

UK did not change Covid-19 vaccination guidance for pregnant people

Updated on 06/09/2022 at 23:16

UK health service refutes claim it 'removed' information on myocarditis from its website

Updated on 05/09/2022 at 04:25

Posts mislead on Starbucks cash policy

Published on 01/09/2022 at 19:09

Images show rejected designs for London tower that was never completed, not the Eiffel Tower

Published on 24/08/2022 at 11:05