Video misleads on Australian cricket coach's outburst

Published on 26/01/2021 at 05:36

This video has circulated online since 2018 and does not show Jack Ma

Published on 25/01/2021 at 12:27

The gold was unearthed in Turkey in 2016

Published on 25/01/2021 at 10:27

This image purporting to show a “Khalistan Airlines” plane has been doctored

Published on 25/01/2021 at 10:27

'Jason Derulo' meme recirculates online in satirical social media posts about Biden’s inauguration

Published on 25/01/2021 at 09:49

This video shows a Filipina flight attendant on board a Cebu Pacific plane in 2020

Updated on 25/01/2021 at 13:13

Hoax report shows doctored photo of Philippine President Duterte 'at wake for police killing victims'

Published on 25/01/2021 at 07:56

Video shows sinking of disused airplane for diving tourism in Turkey in 2019, not lifting of Sriwijaya Air plane wreckage

Published on 22/01/2021 at 14:08

NASA refutes it confirmed the possibility of the sun rising from the west

Updated on 25/01/2021 at 07:07

Indian ruling party members amplify false claim that 'Indian Muslim cleric warned of vaccine microchip conspiracy'

Published on 22/01/2021 at 11:05

This video actually shows a charity event in Germany

Published on 22/01/2021 at 11:05

Social media posts mislead on Pfizer-BioNTech vaccinations in Norway

Updated on 28/01/2021 at 05:06

This video has circulated online since February 2020 and shows a tractor stunt competition

Published on 22/01/2021 at 08:38

Facebook users share doctored photo to misleadingly claim South Korean president was reading script at press conference

Updated on 22/01/2021 at 09:33

Facebook posts misquote New Zealand opposition leader's remarks about Trump

Published on 22/01/2021 at 05:52