‘Taps’ bugle melody did not come from a captain grieving his son

Updated on 15/09/2020 at 22:34

Trump ends Republican convention with false and misleading claims

Updated on 28/08/2020 at 16:31

Facebook is not banning Trump’s election ads

Published on 27/08/2020 at 21:49

Covid-19 poses risks to children, and health authorities recommend they wear masks

Published on 27/08/2020 at 16:15

Church was not target of civil unrest in Wisconsin

Published on 26/08/2020 at 22:56

CDC program involves Covid-19 vaccine distribution, not injection, in North Dakota

Published on 26/08/2020 at 20:42

This image has been digitally manipulated to show a Hindu God on a Times Square billboard

Published on 26/08/2020 at 11:27

Trump son makes false claims on second night of Republican convention

Updated on 28/08/2020 at 19:55

Republican convention opening sees stream of misleading claims

Published on 25/08/2020 at 19:04

Two of these photos circulated in online reports about a fire in the UK in 2018

Published on 25/08/2020 at 06:20

This video shows US congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard speaking at a Hindu festival

Published on 25/08/2020 at 04:21

Posts criticize Democrats for not wearing masks at a time when they weren’t recommended

Published on 24/08/2020 at 22:29

Misleading video raises fears of vote-by-mail fraud

Published on 21/08/2020 at 22:29

Misleadingly edited Kamala Harris clip used to claim she called young voters 'stupid'

Published on 21/08/2020 at 18:34

Misleading claims about COVID-19 vaccine spread by ‘Plandemic’ video

Published on 20/08/2020 at 23:41