LeBron James’ shirt did not say ‘WE DIE, y’all silent’ in 2014 photo

Published on 16/04/2021 at 22:09

Covid-19 vaccinations offered by Ontario mobile clinics are voluntary

Published on 16/04/2021 at 18:18

Covid-19 precautions do not mean vaccines are ineffective

Updated on 20/04/2021 at 20:15

DMX masters are not being purchased by Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Published on 15/04/2021 at 19:33

Daunte Wright arrest warrant unrelated to marijuana

Published on 15/04/2021 at 18:50

Florida local coronavirus measures still in place despite prohibitions on fines

Published on 15/04/2021 at 18:06

This photo of Biden was taken before he became president and the boy pictured is not George Floyd’s son

Published on 15/04/2021 at 14:04

Doctor did not say George Floyd’s death should be ruled an overdose

Updated on 16/04/2021 at 15:17

‘Amen’ is of Hebrew, not Egyptian, origin

Published on 14/04/2021 at 21:46

George Floyd not related to North Carolina shooting suspect

Published on 13/04/2021 at 22:02

Canada’s federal government does not mandate vaccination

Published on 13/04/2021 at 18:56

Face masks help prevent spread of Covid-19

Published on 12/04/2021 at 21:34

Bill Gates has not bought Telegram messaging app

Updated on 13/04/2021 at 08:05

Facebook account impersonating Johns Hopkins Medicine spreads fabricated job listings

Updated on 13/04/2021 at 09:54

Moderna boss did not say 'vaccines change your DNA'

Published on 12/04/2021 at 11:00