Misleading article warns against face masks during COVID-19 pandemic

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 16:57

Website falsely claims mask-wearing is mandatory in Canada during COVID-19

Updated on 19/05/2020 at 22:47

Bill Gates, bogeyman of virus conspiracy theorists

Updated on 07/09/2020 at 10:12

This clip was edited for a TV show -- the full video shows Pence joking about empty boxes

Published on 19/05/2020 at 06:06

Bill Gates did not say COVID-19 vaccine could kill nearly a million people

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 17:03

False headline claims actress urged women to kill babies in home abortions

Updated on 21/05/2020 at 20:28

With Holocaust comparison, misleading Facebook post claims Bill Gates seeks 'digital tattoos'

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 17:08

Coronavirus pandemic: misinformation circulates about antiviral medicine remdesivir

Published on 12/05/2020 at 09:36

‘Plandemic’ video peddles falsehoods about COVID-19

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 16:58

US health authorities have not cut reported COVID-19 death toll

Updated on 12/05/2020 at 18:28

False sightings of Asian giant hornet flourish in North America

Updated on 01/06/2020 at 19:36

Misinformation on US flu shot ingredients resurfaces during pandemic

Published on 07/05/2020 at 23:37

Flu shot will not make you test positive for COVID-19

Updated on 07/05/2020 at 20:48

Doctored photo is latest attack on Bill Gates amid COVID-19 vaccine push

Updated on 13/05/2020 at 16:49

Residents are advised, but not required, to take COVID-19 precautions

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 19:34