Photo depicts 1991 Moscow protest, not 2022 anti-mandate Canada convoy

Published on 03/02/2022 at 19:44

5G networks do not cause 'flu-like' symptoms

Published on 02/02/2022 at 17:18

Neil Young's anti-disinformation Spotify walkout sparks unfounded claims online

Published on 01/02/2022 at 23:16

Footage from The Simpsons was edited to look like the show predicted Canada’s Covid truckers protest

Updated on 04/03/2022 at 20:11

Online posts mislead on threat to polar bears

Published on 31/01/2022 at 18:22

Wisconsin did not vote to withdraw its US presidential electors

Published on 28/01/2022 at 15:56

This MRI scan of a mother with her child has been altered

Updated on 28/01/2022 at 06:19

Michigan school not providing litter box for students identifying as cats

Updated on 27/01/2022 at 23:52

Traffic cameras not disabled to hide Canada anti-vaccine mandate convoy

Published on 27/01/2022 at 21:50

False claim about deadly Covid-19 vaccine batches spreads online

Published on 26/01/2022 at 23:18

Video of US charity parade misrepresented as anti-vaccine mandate convoy

Published on 26/01/2022 at 22:13

Canada anti-vaccine mandate convoy did not set Guinness World Record

Updated on 26/01/2022 at 21:23

Article falsely ties CNN medical correspondent to CBD gummies

Published on 26/01/2022 at 20:42

Facebook posts targeting seniors misrepresent Medicare dental benefits

Published on 26/01/2022 at 17:10

Posts misrepresent Jen Psaki remark on voting rights

Published on 25/01/2022 at 22:42