Posts falsely claim Nigerian agents seized illicit cash pile at presidential candidate’s home

Published on 21/02/2023 at 15:24

Nigeria's hardships feed election disinformation

Updated on 21/02/2023 at 14:42

Letter shared online from Finnish PM to Nigerian separatist leader is fabricated

Published on 17/02/2023 at 18:33

Strange cloud in Turkey not linked to earthquake or US HAARP project

Published on 17/02/2023 at 18:09

Debunked video resurfaces with false claims about hunters mauled by lions for killing their kin

Published on 15/02/2023 at 17:44

Cash shortage in Nigeria leads to false claims about banks burning down

Published on 15/02/2023 at 17:18

Chicago concert image falsely linked to Nigerian ruling party’s election rally

Published on 15/02/2023 at 14:44

Only electoral body, not citizens, can print voter cards for ballots in Nigeria

Published on 10/02/2023 at 14:07

TikTok video falsely claims Nigerian governor sacked over dancing

Published on 10/02/2023 at 10:00

Posts falsely claimed Nigerian ruling party candidate ordered crushing of motorcycles

Published on 10/02/2023 at 09:30

Photo shows helicopter attacked in Kenya, not President Buhari’s chopper in Nigeria

Published on 09/02/2023 at 14:36

Post falsely claims Nigerian presidential candidate Peter Obi has a new running mate

Published on 08/02/2023 at 12:26

Doctored photo falsely ties Nigerian presidential candidate to separatist group

Published on 08/02/2023 at 07:48

Video of Raila Odinga was filmed at a nightclub in Kenya, not at welcome rally in Nigeria

Published on 07/02/2023 at 08:03

Photo shows helicopter damaged in Texas, not shot down in Nigeria

Published on 02/02/2023 at 16:05