Myanmar TV did not announce obligatory military service for all adults

Published on 20/05/2021 at 10:40

This is video game footage -- it does not show rebels shooting down Myanmar military aircraft

Published on 11/05/2021 at 10:01

This photo has circulated in reports about a Russian helicopter crash in 2015

Published on 07/05/2021 at 09:04

None of these photos of a purported ‘pipeline explosion’ were taken in Myanmar

Updated on 19/04/2021 at 05:08

This photo was taken in Cambodia in 2007 -- not Myanmar in 2021

Published on 14/04/2021 at 04:48

The video was taken in China’s Yunnan province before the Myanmar military coup

Updated on 09/04/2021 at 06:51

Thai social media users share old photo of Rohingya refugees in posts about Myanmar unrest

Published on 06/04/2021 at 05:50

These photos show air strikes on western Myanmar in 2020 and a military exercise in 2018

Updated on 05/04/2021 at 08:12

These are old photos taken before the Myanmar military coup

Published on 02/04/2021 at 07:03

These photos show the downing of a Syrian military helicopter in February 2020

Updated on 25/03/2021 at 07:20

These photos show unrelated incidents in Afghanistan, Nigeria and a film scene

Updated on 25/03/2021 at 07:24

This photo has circulated in reports about a deadly landslide disaster in Myanmar in 2020 – months before the military coup

Published on 18/03/2021 at 05:27

These photos show an anti-China protest in Vietnam in 2014 and a fire at a Taiwanese factory in 2020

Published on 17/03/2021 at 03:56

The images show soldiers digging up an old bomb

Published on 09/03/2021 at 10:24

This image is an AFP photo that shows a dog culling in 2015 in Pakistan, not Myanmar

Published on 08/03/2021 at 13:23