This photo has circulated in reports about the coffins of earthquake victims in Italy in 2009

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 17:10

This video actually shows worshippers in Peru in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 17:13

This video shows riots in London in 2011, more than nine years before the COVID-19 pandemic

Published on 08/04/2020 at 06:30

This video was edited to make it look like South Africa’s leader announced an 81-day lockdown

Updated on 08/04/2020 at 15:18

COVID-19 corpses video was shot in Ecuador, not New York

Published on 07/04/2020 at 23:08

CEOs of these companies did not all step down during novel coronavirus crisis

Updated on 07/04/2020 at 23:10