Fake graphic misrepresents government data on Covid-19 vaccines in Australia

Published on 02/06/2021 at 05:50

Facebook posts falsely purport to show black fungus patient in Sri Lanka

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Canadian doctors recycle inaccurate Covid-19 claims

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Posts reshare old photo of ex-Sri Lankan MP in hospital alongside misleading virus claim

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5G technology is not to blame for India's coronavirus deaths

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American Red Cross accepts plasma donations from Covid-19 vaccine recipients

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This photo shows a woman with tuberculosis of the skin in 1895, US archivist says

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Facebook posts give false advice on how to prepare for Covid-19 vaccination

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This Australian news report about new Covid-19 treatments has been misleadingly edited

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Video falsely claims Moderna Covid-19 vaccine contains unsafe ingredient

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Only a few schools have shut so far in South Africa as third Covid-19 wave looms

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Facebook post repeats Covid-19 vaccine myths

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Inhaling saltwater droplets could be harmful and does not cure Covid-19, health experts warn

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This image does not show a genuine Kit Kat bar launched to celebrate gay pride month

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This steam inhalation device cannot prevent or cure Covid-19 infection, health experts say

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