Old video falsely shared online as 'footage of Typhoon Rai hitting the Philippines in 2021'

Updated on 17/12/2021 at 09:59

This photo shows a keeper at an Indonesian wild reserve conducting routine maintenance

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As solar and farming compete for land, incomplete data fuels misinformation

Published on 30/11/2021 at 22:22

Electric vehicle charging station not powered by diesel generator

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Prince Charles did not 'praise Indonesian president for environment work' in G20 speech

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This viral video shows a temple that collapsed into a river in West Bengal

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Map does not show projected impact of climate change on US

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Canada's Trudeau did not wear kilt to COP26 summit in Glasgow

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Posts falsely claim US has massive untapped oil field

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David Attenborough wrongly linked to false online claim about 'black and red ants in a jar'

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Misleading posts claim record Antarctica cold disproves global warming

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Facebook posts mislead on environmental impact of hybrid cars

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'Nature is healing': Posts mislead on impact of Covid lockdowns on the environment

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Misleading posts downplay human role in climate crisis

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Seawater is salty not 'because of sperm from blue whales'

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