Indian social media users share doctored image mocking Greta Thunberg after she voiced support for farmers’ protests

Published on 26/02/2021 at 07:34

US government did not block Texas from increasing power output

Published on 25/02/2021 at 18:45

These photos shows trees damaged by deforestation in the Sri Lankan city of Polonnaruwa in 2019

Published on 24/02/2021 at 09:52

Social media posts share false claim about Indian climate activist Disha Ravi

Published on 23/02/2021 at 04:22

Fake Ted Cruz climate change tweet spreads after Mexico trip

Published on 22/02/2021 at 23:05

Incorrectly dated photos used in warnings on climate change

Updated on 25/02/2021 at 22:12

German solar, wind power did not fail in cold weather

Published on 19/02/2021 at 21:21

The photo has circulated online since 2013 in reports about members of the RSS helping flood victims in Uttarakhand

Published on 19/02/2021 at 10:47

Photo shows helicopter de-icing wind turbine in Sweden, not Texas

Published on 19/02/2021 at 00:18

Facebook posts share incorrect statistics about Earth's glaciers

Published on 18/02/2021 at 05:59

Warren Buffett did not donate $58 million to Joe Biden’s campaign

Updated on 02/02/2021 at 20:12

The photo shows a model of an extinct Gigantopithecus ape built by a special effects artist

Published on 27/01/2021 at 07:52

Old image used to claim falsely that South Korea’s capital is using soil to clear snow due to budgetary constraints

Published on 14/01/2021 at 04:07

Misleading claim circulates online in Thailand that high air pollution will significantly increase the country’s Covid-19 mortality rate

Published on 18/12/2020 at 10:08

This 'flying penguins' animation is actually a spoof produced by the BBC for April Fool's Day in 2008

Published on 18/11/2020 at 05:28