Old photo of detained US police chief circulated in false social media posts about ‘arrest of Biden’s executive assistant on spying charges’

Published on 28/12/2020 at 05:55

This photo has circulated since 2015 in reports about Narendra Modi greeting an Indian philanthropist

Published on 28/12/2020 at 04:03

This photo shows a person sleeping on a street in Australia – it is unrelated to the jailing of a Pakistani opposition MP

Published on 24/12/2020 at 04:31

Old video circulated alongside misleading claim about protester berating US senator after acknowledging Biden's victory

Published on 24/12/2020 at 03:15

Tweets on US stimulus misrepresent Canada's Covid-19 aid

Published on 23/12/2020 at 18:08

This video has circulated online since 2015 in reports about a protest in Indian-administered Kashmir

Published on 23/12/2020 at 08:06

AFP photo of 2018 World Cup celebrations shared online alongside false claim about Covid-19 protest in Paris

Published on 22/12/2020 at 10:25

Doctored image shared alongside false claim about Indian right-wing group saluting Queen Elizabeth II during fight to end British rule

Published on 22/12/2020 at 04:36

Report alleging election fraud in Michigan county is ‘baseless’

Published on 21/12/2020 at 23:01

Old video of whistleblower accusing Philippine vice president of poll fraud recirculates in misleading social media posts in 2020

Published on 21/12/2020 at 08:14

This photo has circulated online since 2013 in reports about a protest in London, not India

Published on 21/12/2020 at 05:20

Canada ordered hydraulic guillotines to cut paper, not heads

Published on 18/12/2020 at 22:53

These images purporting to show an Indonesian politician and an arrested Muslim cleric have been manipulated

Published on 17/12/2020 at 10:20

The Indonesian president’s son does not hold the record for the country’s youngest mayor ever elected

Published on 17/12/2020 at 07:12

Old photo from 2018 circulated online alongside misleading claim about ongoing Indian farmers’ protests

Published on 17/12/2020 at 09:32