Posts falsely link 2011 jet photo to Dutch farmers' protests

Published on 13/07/2022 at 18:09

Clip of crowd singing name of Kenyan presidential candidate is doctored, original footage has no chants

Published on 13/07/2022 at 16:58

Photos show Japanese video game designer, not 'suspect in Shinzo Abe killing'

Published on 13/07/2022 at 10:57

Posts mislead about Marcos family connection to Manila airport

Published on 13/07/2022 at 06:56

Biden did not put medal on Vietnam veteran backwards

Published on 12/07/2022 at 16:32

Altered magazine cover featuring Ukrainian president spreads online

Published on 11/07/2022 at 21:11

Newspaper headline claiming bribes paid to Kenya’s election commissioners was fabricated

Published on 11/07/2022 at 12:23

Video shows Rahul Gandhi calling for forgiveness for office vandals, not sectarian murder suspects

Published on 11/07/2022 at 08:31

Posts share old video of lodgings for hajj pilgrims as 'provided by Pakistan government in 2022'

Updated on 11/07/2022 at 06:03

Posts falsely claim media 'did not cover' impeachment protest against ex-Philippine VP

Published on 11/07/2022 at 04:34

Video falsely claims abortion is 'never medically necessary'

Published on 08/07/2022 at 23:21

Claims that US oil reserve exports harm consumers are misleading

Published on 08/07/2022 at 22:43

Doctored photos of world leaders with 'Satanic art' made by artist to criticise power

Published on 08/07/2022 at 03:45

Photo shows a 2019 Dutch farmers' protest

Published on 07/07/2022 at 23:06

Ottawa police did not seize ice cream trucks on Canada Day

Published on 07/07/2022 at 19:31